Affordable Housing in Kumasi – The Affordable Alternative to Accra


Looking for affordable housing in Ghana? Consider Kumasi! The second-largest city in Ghana offers a range of affordable housing options that are perfect for those seeking an alternative to living in Accra.

Kumasi is known for its vibrant culture, bustling markets, and rich history. It is also a hub for education and industry, making it an attractive destination for professionals and families alike. With its affordable housing options, Kumasi provides an opportunity for those who may have previously been priced out of the market in Accra.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment or a spacious house, Kumasi has something to offer. Compared to Accra’s skyrocketing property prices, Kumasi’s housing market remains affordable, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Kumasi is a great alternative to living in Accra for people seeking affordable housing options.
  • Kumasi offers affordable housing options for families and professionals.
  • Kumasi is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, bustling markets, and a hub for education and industry.
  • The city offers various affordable housing options, including cozy apartments and spacious houses.
  • Compared to Accra, Kumasi’s housing market remains affordable and provides a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Experience Life in a Vibrant City

If you’re looking for a vibrant and exciting place to live, Kumasi should be at the top of your list. While Accra is known for its bustling city life, Kumasi offers a unique experience that is just as fulfilling. With a population of over two million people, Kumasi is a city that is alive with activity.

When it comes to properties, Kumasi is a great alternative to Accra, especially if you’re looking for affordable options. While Accra has no shortage of properties, the cost of living can be quite high. In Kumasi, however, you can find a range of properties that are both affordable and spacious.

Properties in Accra vs. Properties in Kumasi

While Accra has a wide range of properties available, the cost of living can be quite high, making it difficult for some people to find affordable options. In Kumasi, on the other hand, you can find spacious properties at a fraction of the cost.

CityAverage Cost of PropertyProperty Size
Accra$350,0002-3 bedrooms
Kumasi$140,0003-4 bedrooms

As you can see from the table above, the cost of property in Kumasi is significantly lower than in Accra, while the property size is actually larger. This means that you can find affordable properties that are also spacious and comfortable.

Exploring Ghana’s Real Estate Market

When it comes to real estate in Ghana, Kumasi is often overlooked in favor of Accra. However, Kumasi offers a range of properties that are just as desirable as those in Accra, but at a lower cost. Whether you’re looking for an apartment, house, or commercial space, you can find it in Kumasi.

Overall, Kumasi is a great alternative to living in Accra. It offers a vibrant city life, a range of affordable properties, and a thriving real estate market. If you’re looking for your dream home in Ghana, consider Kumasi as your next destination.

Affordable Rental Options

If you’re looking for affordable properties for rent in Kumasi, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of options available, including single room self-contained apartments. These properties are perfect for those who are on a tight budget or looking for a more compact living arrangement.

Despite being more affordable than other rental options, these properties still offer everything you need for comfortable living. They typically come with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living space. Some may also offer shared facilities, such as laundry rooms or outdoor spaces.

When it comes to rental prices, single room self-contained apartments are some of the most affordable options available. Prices typically range from GHS 150 to GHS 500 per month, depending on the location and amenities provided. This makes them an excellent choice for students, young professionals, or anyone looking for a starter home.

LocationPrice (per month)Amenities
AdumGHS 200Bedroom, living space, kitchenette, shared bathroom
SantasiGHS 300Bedroom, living space, kitchenette, private bathroom
AboaboGHS 150Bedroom, living space, shared bathroom, outdoor space

If you’re interested in renting a single room self-contained apartment, you can start your search by contacting local real estate agents or browsing online listings. With so many affordable options available, you’re sure to find a property that meets your needs and budget.

Spacious 2-Bedroom Rentals

If you’re looking for affordable rental properties in Kumasi, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find a spacious 2-bedroom apartment at an affordable price. In fact, renting a 2-bedroom property in Kumasi is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a sizable living space without breaking the bank.

Compared to renting a 2-bedroom property in Accra, the rental prices in Kumasi are significantly lower, making it a great alternative for those who want to save money. In Kumasi, you can expect to pay as little as $250 per month for a spacious 2-bedroom apartment, whereas in Accra, the price could be as high as $700 or more.

CityProperty TypeAverage Rental Price (per month)
Kumasi2-Bedroom Apartment$250
Accra2-Bedroom Apartment$700

Moreover, 2-bedroom rental options in Kumasi often come with additional features such as balconies, air conditioning, and well-maintained grounds. These properties are usually located in safe and accessible areas, making them an ideal choice for families and individuals looking for comfortable living spaces.

If you’re keen on renting a spacious 2-bedroom property in Kumasi, you can start by browsing available properties on real estate websites or contacting a reputable real estate agent. By doing so, you’ll have access to a variety of properties that fit your needs and budget.

Overall, renting a spacious 2-bedroom property in Kumasi is an excellent choice if you’re looking for affordability, space, and comfort. With the money you save on rent, you can enjoy the vibrant city life, explore the local attractions, and live your best life in Kumasi.

Exploring Kumasi’s Real Estate Market

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Ghana, you’re likely aware that Accra is the country’s most expensive city. However, Kumasi offers a range of properties that are more affordable and still provide an excellent investment opportunity. In this section, we’ll explore the real estate market in Kumasi and compare it to properties in Accra and the rest of Ghana.

Kumasi Properties

Kumasi’s real estate market has properties to suit all budgets and preferences. From apartments to houses and commercial spaces, there’s something for everyone. The cost of properties in Kumasi is significantly lower than those in Accra, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing. For example, you can find a 2-bedroom apartment in Kumasi for around $350 per month, while the same size apartment in Accra can cost up to $1,500 per month.

Properties in Accra and the Rest of Ghana

Accra’s real estate market is the most expensive in Ghana, with properties in high demand due to its economic and political significance. The city has many luxurious properties available, but they come at a high cost, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per month. Outside of Accra, properties are generally more affordable, but options can be limited. The real estate market in Kumasi provides an affordable alternative to both Accra and the rest of Ghana.

KumasiAccraRest of Ghana
2-bedroom apartment rental cost per month$350$1,500$500
Cost of buying a houseStarting at $50,000Starting at $150,000Starting at $80,000

As shown in the table, Kumasi offers the most affordable options for buying or renting a property. The cost of buying a house in Kumasi starts at $50,000, compared to $150,000 in Accra and $80,000 in the rest of Ghana.

Kumasi’s real estate market has experienced steady growth in recent years, with more people choosing to invest in the city’s properties. If you’re looking for a more affordable option than Accra, Kumasi is a great place to start, with plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget.

Finding Your Dream Home in Kumasi

So, you have decided to search for your dream home in Kumasi. Congratulations, you have made a wise choice! Kumasi is a great alternative to the expensive properties in Accra and offers several affordable housing options for you to choose from.

Here are some tips to find your dream home in Kumasi:

1. Define Your Needs

Before starting your search, it is essential to define your needs and wants in a home. Consider factors such as location, size, design, and budget. This will help you narrow down your options and focus on properties that meet your requirements.

2. Work with a Professional

Working with a professional real estate agent can save you time and money when searching for your dream home. They have extensive knowledge of the local market and can guide you in finding properties that meet your needs and budget. Reach out to a reputable agent who understands your priorities and can help you achieve your goal of finding the perfect home.

3. Check Online Listings

Online listings are an excellent resource for finding properties in Kumasi. specialize in listing properties for sale or rent in Ghana, including Kumasi. Search through these listings to find properties that meet your requirements. You can also filter your search based on location, price, and other factors to make the process easier.

4. Visit Open Houses

Attending open houses is an excellent way to get a feel for the properties that interest you. It gives you the opportunity to see the property in person, ask questions, and get a better understanding of the local market. Be sure to take notes and photos of the properties you visit to help you compare them later.

5. Consider Your Budget

One of the benefits of choosing Kumasi for affordable housing is the reasonable prices of properties. However, it is essential to consider your budget and select properties that fit within your financial plan. Take into account expenses such as maintenance, utilities, and insurance when determining your budget.

By following these tips, you will be on your way to finding your dream home in Kumasi. Remember to take your time, do your research, and work with reputable professionals to make the process as smooth as possible.


Now that you have explored the affordable housing options in Kumasi, it’s time to take the next step in finding your dream home. With a range of properties available, including spacious 2-bedroom rentals and single room self-contained options, Kumasi is a great alternative to Accra.

Choosing Kumasi for your housing needs means you can experience life in a vibrant city without breaking the bank. The real estate market in Kumasi offers a variety of properties, including apartments, houses, and commercial spaces. It’s affordable and can accommodate various budgets, making it a great option for anyone looking to move to Ghana.

As you begin your search for your dream home, keep in mind that Kumasi has a lot to offer. Utilize the tips and guidance provided in this article to help you navigate the housing market in Kumasi. With a little bit of research and help from real estate agents, you can find the perfect property for you.

Overall, Kumasi is an excellent choice for anyone looking for affordable housing options in Ghana. The city offers a lively lifestyle, a range of properties, and an affordable cost of living. Start your journey today and find your dream home in Kumasi.


What is the advantage of choosing affordable housing in Kumasi?

Choosing affordable housing in Kumasi offers a viable alternative to living in Accra. It provides an opportunity to experience a vibrant city lifestyle at a more affordable cost.

What types of properties are available in Kumasi?

Kumasi offers a variety of properties, including apartments, houses, and commercial spaces. There are options for both buying and renting, catering to various needs and budgets.

Are there affordable rental options in Kumasi?

Yes, Kumasi provides affordable rental options, including single room self-contained properties. The rental market offers a range of choices to suit different preferences and budgets.

Can I find spacious 2-bedroom rentals in Kumasi?

Absolutely! Kumasi offers spacious 2-bedroom rental options at affordable prices. These properties provide comfortable living spaces for individuals, couples, or small families.

How does the real estate market in Kumasi compare to Accra and the rest of Ghana?

The real estate market in Kumasi provides a more affordable alternative to Accra and other parts of Ghana. With a range of properties available and competitive prices, Kumasi offers great value for money.

How can I find my dream home in Kumasi?

To find your dream home in Kumasi, start by researching available properties and working with real estate agents familiar with the local market. Take advantage of online platforms and visit the properties in person to make an informed decision.

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